Schema Therapy Experiential Group (2020 Jan)

What is Schema Focused Therapy

Schemas are fixed, often unconscious beliefs and influence the way you see yourself and your environment. They have their origins in childhood to deal with certain situations.

In your current life, however, schema patterns can hold back positive changes.

In the group we will work with the schema modes. A schema mode is a state of emotions, thoughts and behaviour when schemas are triggered:

“I have to give other people a lot of attention; my own needs are less important.”
(Schema mode – compliant surrenderer)

“I never do well enough, I have to do my best even harder.”
(Schema mode – demanding parent)

“Everyone leaves me in the end.”
(Schema mode – vulnerable child)

For Whom

  • Chronic depression or anxiety (fear)
  • Problematic life patterns
  • Lonely and lack of social support
  • Speak and understand English
  • Not suitable for people with: addiction problems, psychosis, ADHD cannot be controlled by medicines, dissociation disorder

Date & Time:

From 20 January 2020,
9.30 am – 11.30 am
8 Monday mornings

Kortenaerplein 32, Amsterdam

Nanci Nievaard / Psychomotor therapist
Zhi Li / Psychologist / schema focused therapist in training

How and why group therapy?

In the group, you will learn to recognize your schema modes in your daily life, how you deal with them and how you can change them.

We will go back to the past, but the accent focuses on change in the presence.

We will use both cognitive and experiential methods, like influences from drama therapy and psychomotor therapy.

By sharing experiences, you learn from and through each other.

Do you want to explore your schema modes in a safe environment and break through them?

Then this group might be suitable for you.

To Start

To participate, you will be invited to have an intake interview with Zhi Li and Nanci Nievaard.

If you decide to start, you will be asked to complete a schema mode questionnaire. This will give you a clear starting point for the module.

Group size: Maximum 8 participants. The group may include men and women.

Attendance: You are expected to attend all 8 meetings.

Cost: 75 euro per session, 600 euro in total.
2 installments possible
(300 euro per month)

Intake and questionnaire are free of charge.

Interested? If you are interested, you could contact us.

Nanci Nievaard
31 6 4029 5867

Zhi Li
31 6 2019 6330

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