Looking for Colleagues to Share a Modern Practice Space in Rotterdam


I am Zhi, a psychologist working in my private practice. At the moment I am searching for colleagues to share a practice space with me.

This is the space located at de Fabriek van Delfshaven. For more information about transportation and pictures, please check this post https://li-zhi.net/sunday-face-to-face-session-in-rotterdam-from-september-2021/ 

The space is suitable for Psychologists/Coaches/Counsellor Colleagues to conduct face-to-face sessions. It is also feasible for small team/group work (about 6 people). If you are a creative person, it would be delightful to work in this place.

The Space

The room locates on the ground floor of the building, looking over the canal Delftse Schie.

The room is at the entrance of the building, so you can who is visiting from your window directly (if you open the blinds), and you can close the blinds when you are doing your sessions, so it is spacious, bright, but also private.

The size of the room is 27.83m2. It is fully furnished.

In this building, there is a shared group room (suitable for 20 people to sit), and a shared small room (for 3 people). You shared these rooms with other tenants in this building.

You have a shared kitchen and shared toilets on the ground floor and on the second floor.

The building itself is bright and modern. It is a perfect combination between old and new. My clients once said ‘it feels healthy and good for your mental health.’ I think it is a very unique quality for this space.

Other neighbors are architects, designers, and some other coaches and psychologists.

It is located at Delfshaven. On the other side are the historical remains of Delfshaven. It is central to Rotterdam.


You can use this space from Feb 1, 2023, to Dec 31st, 2023.

Right now the room is available on the following day parts:

Monday: 18:00 – 23:00 (1-day-part)

Tuesday: 8:00 – 23:00 (3-day-parts)

Friday: 18:00 – 23:00 (1-day-part)

Saturday: 8:00 – 23:00 (3-day-parts)

The renting space includes the shared space. You can sign up to use the share rooms in the office on the same day.


Flexible Renting

At the moment I prioritize colleagues who can commit at least 2-day-parts per week. You will have your own keys. The price for replicating the keys is 40.8 euros incl 21% VAT.

Following is the price per month (with 3 months’ notice):

  • 1-day-part per week: 214.87 euro/month (260 euro/mo VAT incl.)
  • 2-day-parts per week: 265 euro/month  (320.65 euro/mo VAT incl.)
  • 4-day-parts per week: 470 euro/month  (568.70 euro/mo VAT incl.)

(If your profession does not charge VAT, the price stays the same as the price after VAT, but the invoice would state as ‘without VAT’. )

If you have other ideas for using this space, please also let me know!

I wish to meet creative colleagues and create some new and meaningful connections here.

Contact me via zhi.li.work@gmail.com

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