“Learn to trust yourself”


Migration, family or work, stress can easily make people become social withdrawal, difficulte to make decisions, feel lost and trapped.
When it comes to our problem solving, a little bit of trust towards ourselves gives us ennormous help to reach our goal: in a humanistic perspective, it is the trust in your own self-acturalizing tendencies. With the trust, we open the path to self-knowledge — the hidden answer to our choices — and self-compassion — the warm understanding when we suffer in stead of self-criticism.
But this is not easy. As a psychologist, I have been helping people for 5 years (>1,500 hours of one-to-one session). I saw people pushing themselves harder and harder to fufill their or others expectation under stress withouth an reconciliation, until they are totally burnout. The process is not easy, but worth to go through.
This is what I learned from my helping experience, together with the training I have been taking at the moment.
Since last year, I have been taking the ICCI International Coaching Diploma Course, learning the solution-focused and person-centered (or humanistic) coaching and counseling skills. As a process of a new set of skill building, I am looking for one client who could work with me for five 45-minute sessions in low cost (30 euro each).  (Normally coaching sessions charge 100-200 euro per session in the market.)
Since I would like to expand my experience to people from other backgrounds, they would be held with my English.
In these 5 sessions, I would mainly take a person-centered and solution-focused approach. It means the helping journey would be a collaborative process driven by your goal. By the empathic and solution-oriented approach, you will learn about yourself and your unused resources, feeling empowered and motivated, and commit to reaching your potential/ your goal.
Normally, I charge 80 euro per session. Since these 5 sessions are not only for you, but also for my new skill building, they are held in a very low cost (30 euro each).
  • The first session would not be charged unless you feel like to continue.
  • After the 5 sessions, if you want to continue, it is possible with regular charge.
  • If you feel you want to stop before the 5 sessions end, you are free to do so.
  • I am obliged to the ethical code of Het Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen. Your rights and your confidentiality will be fully respected.
My helping style has been described by my clients and peers as: “deep listening and understanding”, “very soothing”, “very respecting”, “heartfelt”.
If you are interested, or you would like to know more, feel free to contact me via zhi.li.work@gmail.com . Because of the Covid-19 situation, my sessions are conducted via Zoom.
More information about me and my work is available on my website http://li-zhi.net and visiting my LinkedIn profile linkedin.com/in/zhili11 .
I believe that, with a little bit of help, you can find the trust towards to yourself.
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