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  1. Depending on the emergency, options include calling the central emergency number 112, going to the A&E department or a nearby hospital, or going to a GP.

    Below you will find a summary of important Dutch telephone numbers in the case of an emergency or problem.

    • Emergency police, fire brigade, ambulance: 112

    Emergency doctor's office

    An emergency doctor office exists for problems outside of regular doctor's hours. The service operates around the clock (24-hour) and is available for nights, weekends and all public holidays.

    The number in Amsterdam is 088 00 30 600. The operator will connect you with an emergency doctor in your area.

    Psychiatric Emergencies


    1. Crisidienst.


    • Acuut Behandelteam Centrum/Oud-West

    1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 38, 1054 BR Amsterdam, telefoon: 020-523 54 33

    • Acuut Behandelteam Noord

    Jan Thoméepad 5, 1034 ZP Amsterdam, telefoon: 020-590 54 44

    • Acuut Behandelteam Oost/Zuid-Oost/Diemen

    Wisselwerking 46-48, 1112 XR Amsterdam, telefoon: 020-590 88 00

    • Acuut Behandelteam Zuid/Nieuw-West (m.i.v. 19 nov 2013) Amstelveenseweg 589, 1081 JC Amsterdam, telefoon: 020-788 53 33 


    2. Mentrum (http://www.mentrum.nl/)

    Hospital Emergency Wards
    Several public hospitals in Amsterdam have emergency wards open 24 hours a day. Two of them are the biggest and most modern:

    1. 1.    OLVG Hospital, its traditional Dutch name is: Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis Ziekenhuis (Oost Amsterdam, closest emergency hospital departement to the Center of Amsterdam)); Eerste Oosterparkstraat 279; 1091 HA Amsterdam; phone: 020 - 599 9111
    2. 2.    Sint Lucas Hospital, (West of Amsterdam, just at the exit 105 from the Amsterdam freeway ring A10); full name in Dutch: Sint Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis; Jan Tooropstraat 164; 1061 AE Amsterdam; phone: 020 - 5108160 or 5108161

    General Helplines:


    1. 113online  is a suicide hotline. They ensure that the help lines (via telephone and chat) are accessible day and night. It is 24 hours. (www.113online.nl/113online-english-version).
    2. Access is a not-for-profit organisation, which supports the international community in the Netherlands(www.access-nl.org).
      Amsterdam: 020 423 3217
      The Hague: 070 346 2525
      You can also call 0900 2 222 377 at the local rate of 20c per minute
    3. Alcoholics Anonymous: 
      National: 020 625 6057
    4. Gay & Lesbian Switchboard: (www.switchboard.nl)
      National: 020 623 6565
    5. Kindertelefoon/Childline: (www.kindertelefoon.nl)
      0800 0432 (free). There is also an online chat available on the website. This service is applicable to children adolescents.
    6. SOS 24-hour helpline: (www.sensoor.nl)
      Staffed by Dutch volunteers but many speak English.
      0900 0767
    7.  Domestic Violence Hotline

      For less urgent issues (e.g. you are currently in a safe place but you need help with a habitual situation of violence or abuse, or you are an acquaintance of a person whom you suspect to be a victim and would like to ask questions) there is a hotline called Huiselijkgeweld Meldpunt (domestic violence hotline).

      The telephone number is 0900 1 262626. The call costs a few cents per minute and is open only during office hours. Their website can be found here (in Dutch).

      Even if you don’t read Dutch, you can try their page listing local points of help in the Netherlands. Click on your region to find the address of an office where you can go and talk about your issues to people who have long experience with abuse and domestic issues.


      The Blijfgroep provides information, support and safe (anonymous) shelters to people in need of protection and assistance. Their website provides information in Dutch and in English.

       Slachtofferhulp Nederland

      Another local website dedicated to domestic violence. Their website is in Dutch too.

      For men who are victims of abuse, the hotlines mentioned above are also relevant.

      For children and teenagers, the same hotlines will also provide specific information. In addition, a lot of systems are in place for witnesses of violence or children to call for help.

       Children's Hotline

      In the Netherlands, children and teenagers can call the children's hotline for any issues they face, or they can read about their issues and chat in forums dedicated to children on this special website. The hotline is 0800 0432 (free of charge) and is open every day from 2-8pm.

      General information & outside the Netherlands

      If you are unsure whether or not the domestic issues that you are a victim of or witness to are abuse, here is a good description of the typical signs of abuse and the general "cycle" of abuse in which victims are trapped. 

      More general information is also available in other languages (and also in English) on Women's Aid.

      Excellent and detailed tips for women who have concerns for a friend and need to know how to help, to what extent they should "push" their friend to leave or respect their choice to stay in a difficult relationship, can be found in this reply to a letter on Expat Women

      Other useful websites are listed on Womenshealth.org.

      Abuse towards men is more rare and rarely places the victim’s life in danger, therefore it’s less discussed. But help for men is also available: if you are or a relative is concerned, more general information about this issue can be found here