Zhi Li - 李智


Advices, Coaching, Counselling in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Blogging, Self-help tools

Address: Ijsbaanpad 9, 1076CW, Amsterdam


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  1. I am Zhi LI.

    I am graduated from Maastricht University as a Master of Psychology in 2014. I hold a bachelor degree of Psychology from mainland China. Right now, I see myself as a psychologist in training.

    Since my Chinese background and my language capability, I do want to supply my expertise to the Chinese speaking communities in the Netherlands.

    Internship and Work Experience

    In my 8 months internship in a psychiatric ward and a female prison, I gained adequate of experience in assessing and diagnosing various mental disorders and substance problems.

    In my half a year of independent practices around Amsterdam area, I get to know the issues from different part of the Chinese speaking communites, e.g. the highly educated students and researchers, the expats, the mixed family and their young offsprings, the elder generation of immigrants, and the refugees/illegal immigrants. 

    Supervision and Connections

    Currently, I am under instructions by the following clinical psychologists:Yuan JingMaarten Oltheten and Velaria Pierdominici. They are all experienced with various mental health problems and psychotherapeutic techniques. I am learning from them so I have a very good connection with them. If you have any other problem, my honour would allow you to have better treatment from other psychologist/psychiatrist or mental health institution.

    I am also well-connected with various public/semi-public sectors and social workers (e.g. the expat center in Amsterdam, the social team of Amstelveen Gemeente, the GGD of Amsterdam and Den Haag, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Vrije Universitie, Stchiting De Chinese Burg in Den Haag, Stchiting Walai in Amsterdam, Chinese Students and Scholars Association). Therefore, if you or someone you cared meet practical problems, I can guide you to reliable sources. 

    I also work with other active members in the expat communities in the Netherlands, such as the FIGT network. 


    My price is low because I am under training. So far, my working area is within Amsterdam, Den Haag and Eindhoven. I like to work with Chinese students, expats and immigrants. I can work in Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin) and English.

    Other projects

    All your support would be also dedicated to the project ChinesePsyNL, the Chinese mental health’s network in the Netherlands. The website is under construction, and it aims to fill the gap of Chinese speaking mental health service. Putting everything online increase the accessibility of mental health information. It may lead to a Chinese speaking mental health institution in Amsterdam to finally provide Chinese speaking practice.

    I am also building an network that can provide resources on healthcare practitioners with various languages. I am happy to work together with you, and everyone who is contributing to the well-being of the international community in the Netherlands (and the Benelux).

    Thanks for your supporting.